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The Eastern Sierra Transit will receive sealed bids for the work shown on the plans entitled: (CLICK ON LINK) Bishop Operations Yard Phase 1Bids will be received at the Office of Eastern Sierra Transit Authority located at 703b Airport Road, Bishop, CA 93514 until 3:00PM on Friday May 15, 2015 at which time they will be publicly opened and read.The project is located at the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) facility at Eastern Sierra Regional Airport, 703 Airport Road. The project will include construction of paved operations yard including asphalt pavement and concrete pavement, curb, gutter, striping, storm drain catch basin, piping, sand-oil interceptor and underground retention field.Plans and specifications may be obtained for a NONREFUNDABLE FEE.  To order the plans and specifications by telephone call (760) 872-1901 Ext 11, or fax (760) 872-0936.  Plans and specifications will be available for free via e-mail, please email jbatchelder@estransit.com to request. When submitting a request, please include all bidder information including project name, company name, contact name and title, phone number, fax number, and email address.The Contract will be awarded to the responsible bidder submitting the lowest responsive bid on the base bid alone.  ESTA reserves the right to waive any informality or irregularity in a bid. ESTA reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids, or to utilize the procedures authorized by the Public Contract Code Sections 20166 and 20167.  Submission of a bid shall be deemed conclusive evidence that the bidder has thoroughly examined the plans, specifications and the site of all work and the bid takes all costs into account.  Each bid shall remain good for ninety (90) days after bid opening.

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ESTA Routes and Services Explained

ESTA provides a variety of public transportation services over a wide service area.  Our services fall into four categories:

  1. Fixed Routes Town to town and in-town routes with fixed schedules and fixed stops.
  2. Seasonal Recreation shuttle service with seasonal schedules.
  3. Dial-a-Ride On-demand service.
  4. Vanpool Service tailored to meet the needs of work commuters.

​Select a tab above to learn more about each category and find the service you need.

The HWY 395 fixed routes comprise the farthest reaching ESTA service.  They connect Reno, Nevada with Lancaster, California.  For a map, schedule and fares, please visit the 395 Routes page (also available under the routes main menu near the top of every page.)

The Bridgeport - Carson City fixed route connects, Bridgeport with Carson City and towns in between.  Please visit the bridgeport - carson city page (under the routes main menu.)

The Mammoth fixed routes serve the town of Mammoth.  Please consult the mammoth page (under the routes main menu) when seasons shift from winter to summer activities, as details may change with that shift.

The Benton - Bishop fixed route connects, Benton, Hammil Valley, Chalfant and Bishop along HWY 6.  Please visit the benton-bishop page (under the routes main menu.)

The Tecopa - Pahrump fixed route serves the communities of Tecopa and Pahrump with infrequent but regular service.  Please be sure to consult the tecopa-pahrump page (under the routes main menu) for schedule details.

The Reds Meadow seasonal route is a summer season route that serves back country, packing and sightseeing in wilderness areas west of Mammoth.  Please watch the front page and esta news (main menu near the top of every page) for opening announcements.  The reds meadow page (under the routes main menu) has the schedule and fare details.

The June Mountain Shuttle seasonal route serves the winter ski resort of June Lake. Please watch the front page and esta news (main menu near the top of every page) for opening announcements.  The june mountain shuttle page (under the routes main menu) has the schedule and fare details.


The dial-a-ride services:

Lone Pine dial-a-ride,  
Bishop dial-a-ride
Mammoth dial-a-ride and 
Walker dial-a-ride provide on-demand services to those local communities.  For terms of service and hours of operation at each site, pleace visit the individual service pages from the links above (or under the services main menu near the top of every page.)

The vanpool service is a special community service offered to employees that want to form a group, pre-pay for a van to take them to and from work each day as a group.  It has the benefit of saving wear and tear on a car, reducing emissions overall, and giving the workers the freedom to do what they want while the driver takes care of the serious business of getting everyone to and from work safely and on time.  It's the green option and it's a smart option.  Visit the vanpool menu under the services main menu for details and sign-up forms.